18 May, 2012

dr. kimberly bridges-white and garden state obstetrical and gynecological associates -- a review

if you searched for dr. white or garden state ob/gyn and were led here, read some of my other posts.

and then decide for yourself if you want to choose this practice to be your "care providers".

maybe you will still go ahead and choose them or stay with them. maybe my story isn't quite personal enough for you.

but maybe instead you will find a practice with doctors who will take the time to listen to you...to try to figure out if something is wrong. maybe you will choose to find a practice with doctors who will remember that your baby died and subsequently will not ask you if you are breastfeeding him. maybe you will decide to google the "midwife model of care" and then because you like what you see, maybe you will look into home birth. maybe you will check out a a birth center. maybe you will try really hard to find an ob or a midwife who will take the time to know you and to listen to you. maybe you will take the time to build a strong birth team.

you don't know me, so i will just give you a little summary. i am cooper's mother. and mason's mother. i am a woman of childbearing age. and because of the loss of my first baby and my experience with garden state, i am a doula and a childbirth educator.

i matter. my experience matters. and i hope that my experience matters to you.

i want you to have a better experience.

this is important. it's your birth and you might only get one, or at least no more than a handful of them, in your lifetime. you deserve better. all women do. tell your friends to do the same. learn more about pregnancy and birth. demand more from your care providers. expect more. take responsibility.

take back your power.

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