06 March, 2011

my friend jaci's co-sleeping advice

jaci's friend asked her about sleep. i love jaci. i love her answer. thought i would share. here are her words.

Co-sleeping means different things to different people. You can share a room, a bed, sleep together all night, not even have a crib, just let them sleep in bed when they wake up in morning....it goes on.

I had the mini co-sleeper. I pulled it right up next to me till 4 months. Then I started trying to put her in her crib for "naps" But she still slept in co-sleeper at night. The only time she would take a nap was on my boob, and I would try to lay her down in crib like people told me to do, but she would immediately wake up, so I did what IIIIII felt was best for my baby, and I layed down with her with my laptop on my bed, and just let her nurse and suck and sleep. That is the ONLY way she slept during the day till about 8/9 months. Around 6 months ish- I "wanted" to have her fall asleep awake because blah blah blah everything that every doctor, friend, book tells you so I did CIO. I will say that to this day I regret that. Looking back I WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THAT knowing what I know now. Do I think moms that do it are horrible? no, absolutely not. I just wish I didn't do it. I didn't want to do it in my heart, and I should have listened to myself instead of others. But I digress...

That time of her life is a blur to me really, and had to check in her journal to see some stuff to write this, but all I know is at around 7 months is when she started taking a bottle so she would drink one bottle a day before bed and then we put her down to fall asleep in her crib. And then at around 12-1am she woke up and thats when I brought her in and she just nursed all night. Turning around and snacking whenever she wanted. At about 11 months is when she started sleeping from about 8pm-4/5am but I still brought her in and nursed and cuddled and slept a little longer when she woke up.

Although it's only been a VERY short 2 years that I have been a mom, ONE thing I know for sure (but still trying to act on it) is that YOU know your baby. YOU do whatever YOU feel is right for Liv. I would do ANYTHING to go back to those sleepless, nursing nights just to smell her, and cuddle her through the night, I know I'm crazy, right? lol But I still get sleepless nights but no delicious baby next to me. You WILL feel the same way!

Do I think that "spoiling" her made her into the bad sleeper that she is today? NOPE- no such thing as spoilng a baby with LOVE. I am also the kind of person that believes that it's never too late for anything. If ur BABY sleeps with u till 8 and then u want her out, she will be out. I can't stand when I hear people say "if u don't get her out by..... she will never leave" I'm a big fan of baby led anything. They are smart little people. They know what they want to eat, drink, they don't know games or deceit, they don't know hate, they don't know how to make u do things. At least I don't believe this.

U do whatever u feel is best for u, Joe, and Liv, and don't listen to anyone that gives u shit. If u want her out of ur bed but near you, my co-sleeper went up to 23 pounds, and I know they are more out there. If u want her out of ur room but don't want to CIO, u could nurse her to sleep, rock her to sleep, lay on the floor and stick ur arm in crib and pat her back till she falls asleep. And none of this lasts forever I PROMISE. Did I make any sense? it's not often that people actually WANT to hear my views, lol

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