30 April, 2011

your new friends

over the past two months, you have had a whole bunch of new friends enter the world. each one of those babies has their own special story. one of those little boys decided to be born at home in his bathtub even though his mom planned to have him at the hospital. turns out he knew what was best for his mom. she had two babies already. one was born via c-section and the other was a hospital vbac. his mom is a childbirth educator in training and wanted deep down to have a planned homebirth. but she was just not ready to take that leap. so the baby helped her out and came too fast for her to go anywhere but into the bathroom. it was beautiful and safe and wonderful. one sweet baby girl was born at the hospital birthing suite. she took a reallllllly really long time to get here. her mom was so strong and powerful throughout the entire labor. i was with her for the final eight hours of her labor and even thoughshe was exhausted and this was her first birth, she did not even once consider asking for medication to help the pain. and even in the face of a "midwife" who was threatening meds, mom continued to listen to her own body and pushed her out while in an uprgith position, one the nurse and the "midwife" had tried to discourage her from trying. it was truly amazing. and another one of your friends decided to be born at home in his bathtub after we were at the zoo with his mom and his big brother. his mom planned to have him at home, but she didn't really plan to have him come so fast. he was born only a half hour after the midwife got there. and then this morning we had another baby girl enter the world at home. unplanned. she also knew what was best for her brave mommy. her mom had a baby born five weeks too early the day before you were born. she planned to deliver this baby at the birth center, but ended up having her baby at home, which is just what she needed. it's really amazing what the female body can do on it's own when nothing gets in the way. with no interventions at all. i can't wait for my homebirth.

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