30 June, 2009

baptism and bris

this week, little man, you attended two important events in your friends lives.

on sunday, your friend brielle had her baptism. she wore a beautiful and big white dress and seemed to be pretty clueless the whole time about what was going on. you heard people singing and praying and even though i don't believe in any of it, i am happy that you were there to hear the songs and to be amongst all of that positive energy.

and today you just got back from your friend jonathan's house. jonathan has two big sisters who died a few months after your brother did. we have a lot in common with his mommy and daddy and i hope that the two of you will be good friends. his dog is even named cooper, just like your brother! but aside from all of that, he became a part of his own tribe today, just like brielle was welcomed by hers on sunday. however, jonathan's experience was a little different. like brielle's baptism, it was a symbolic ceremony filled with prayer and song. again, i love that you are feeling all of this while you are inside of me. however, as part of the ceremony, jonathan had his circumcision done in front of all of his family and some of his friends. he screamed and cried and most of the people in the room were crying, too. his daddy was. his mommy was. all of his grandparents were. you know i was. you were kicking or punching or hiccuping. as soon as the mohel took little jonathan to the snipping table (there must be a name for it, but mommy doesn't know it), you started to wiggle. did you know what was about to happen to your very little friend?

the whole time it was happening i was imagining putting you through that and i even told your daddy right in the middle of the ceremony (loudly -- but you should get used to that in me) that i am not doing that to you. this is something you will have to help me decide. do you want it done so that you can match the boys in the locker room and so that you can look like your daddy down there? or should we just leave you alone because there really is no other reason for the snipping? i have been thinking on this for months, ever since we knew you were a boy and i think even before that, but i can;t seem to be sure of my circumcision decision. i don't want to do it. i know that. but do you want us to?

but as far as the religious ceremonies go...you will not have either of them. my hope is to have a blessing ceremony for you so that all of your friends and family can welcome you and share with you their positive vibrations. flossie will perform it. and you won't cry. and you won't wear a silky white suit. but we will be so happy and proud to introduce you to our community of people who love us and who love you.

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