08 June, 2009

moving right along

i am 22 weeks today -- looking forward to making it safely through this week and then hopefully i will start to get some of my sanity back.

the yeast has invaded again and i am convinced that when i get the internal exams at the ATU they are putting some extra yeast up there. and i felt the itch pretty soon after the exam. i am considering not going back there. if anything i will go out of curiosity for the U/S. even though i want to avoid invading his space, i just love seeing him safely tucked away in there.

did i ever mention how much better it is to have a midwife than an OB? i sent meredith an email yesterday about all of the craziness going on -- the yeast, the hardly happening movement, the leg pain, the decision about the fFN test -- yes it was a long email. so she called me yesterday evening, from her bed with a fever, and we discussed it all. i can't believe anyone would choose to use a doc when they have this option available. i guess it's fear. but i am not sure how many moms are more fearful than i am, and this is the only road i will ever choose for having my babies.

and on another thrilling note -- i felt him kicking super hard yesterday and looked down at my belly and I SAW IT MOVE! it was so exciting. that was when reality set in. i can't wait for that to happen again.

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