01 June, 2009

we're free!

just got home from our LAST OB appointment! what a relief to be done with sitting in waiting rooms and then waiting in cubby rooms only to be felt up, asked a few questions, and then ushered out to schedule the next appointment.

the doc we saw today was very understanding and lived up to her home-birth-friendly rep. she didn't flinch when i told her and said that i would be fine at home birthing my babe. it was like getting a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. so we are all set. a couple of more appointments at the MFM and then it's all midwife from there on out.

this week seems to be starting out great. i'm actually a little hesitant to write that just in case it all blows up in our faces at a later date. josh posted that gas-guzzler of ours on craigslist on saturday and tonight it will be sold. that loan will be paid off and we will have $350 more per month to save towards mom at home with baby time.

a new friend that josh has made is here right now taking a look at all of the random work that has to be done around here. he is making it seems so easy and has offered to help josh fix things and teach him what to do so that in the future he can do it all by himself.

my yeast infection is all gone. however, i did catch some kind of bug. yesterday i woke up with an itchy throat and a cough. then i vomited so violently that my jaw actually hurt and i popped a blood vessel in my eye. i look like a freak!

but other than that, all is well in pregnancy land!

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