19 June, 2009

an exciting few days

we had our last appointment at the ATU today. before i had a chance to tell dr. l that i didn't t want to come back, he said i didn't have to! god, that felt great. my placenta has moved far enough away from the cervix that they feel comfortable that it will move the rest of the way by the end. the boy looks good -- size is all normal and he is just so cute. i think he looks like me -- he has my nose. (sorry, daddy.)

we took my dad with us. i actually had to force him because he is so nervous about everything. he loved it, though, just like i knew he would. it was so cute. he couldn't wait to talk to my mom about it. he was barely out of the car before he was telling her how big he is right now. go grandpop.

we went to see meredith yesterday. i just love her. no waiting again. i weigh 152...so excited! that's already 30 lbs. more than i was when i started. i have no idea where it is, unless i have reverse image disorder. all the sites say at this point i should have gained 15 lbs. but how cool is it that meredith said nothing? heartbeat was good. she heard it with a stethoscope. i tried but i couldn't...maybe next time. we chatted for an hour about diet and exercise and how my body has been feeling. when we left i saw christy and another parents-t0-be-pair and we all chatted and christy felt my belly. it's so so nice...nothing can compare to it. i hope i never have to go back to an OB. this has already been the best three grand i have ever spent. (thanks, daddy!)

my good friend at work is trying to make a baby right now. i am hoping that she is pregnant as i write this and that all goes well for her. my other good friend mb just told me today that she is 11 weeks. erica is 35 weeks and melis is 3 behind us. and i thought this baby boy wouldn't have any little friends to hang with.

and my students threw me a shower. i cannot believe the amount of gifts that they gave me. tons of clothes. toys. blankets. and a $160 gift card. amazing. they totally surprised me and planned it all on their own . there were balloons, cake, snacks, and music. it was so sweet. i just love those kids.

life is good.

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