02 June, 2009


with coop i never even thought about a shower at this stage of the game. i mean i had played with a registry, but a shower was far in the distance in my head. but this time, i can't wait. i am coming up on the 22 week mark and i am doing everything i can not to think about it. it's not working.

but nicole is doing a great job of keeping my mind off of the bad stuff and keeping my eye focused on the future. i'm so excited about the baby shower. i hope it isn't bad to admit that???

at first i wanted it to be a surprise. but then i realized that i was only fooling myself and that a surprise shower is totally not me. kudos to my ohio friend maddy who points out often that showers are not a surprise in most parts of the country. and i am really not concerned with fitting in in nj. so cas is planning the shower all by herself. she is involving the moms, but she is just going to town on her own. i like it that way, cuz she knows me best. it only makes me sad that i was such a non-participant in her first baby's belly-time. and then i was non-existent for the second one. she won;t let me, but if i could i would apologize every day to her.

anyway, she has the invites and the menu all set to go. i have the registry and the guest list. i just can't wait! it is going to be here at my house and it's going to be open-house style. that way no one has to be tortured by sitting someplace all day long watching me open gifts. and it's good for me, too, since i hate to be the center of attention. if i had the patience, i would have suggested having it after the boy arrives, but i know i would go crazy not having everything all set for his arrival.

well, gota run. we have awards night at school tonight. yuk.

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